About the project

Project title: Made in V4 – Let the local products be our common value!

Project ID: 22310172

Total cost of the project: 17 500 €

ETT cost: 8 750 €


The project is implemented with the support of the International Visegrad Fund with 100% support intensity.

Project partners:

Leader partner: European Border Cities European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Limited Liability

Statutory representative: István Gá

Address: Kossuth tér 1., Nyíregyháza, 4401, Hungary

Phone: +3642 524-524 200

E-mail: ett@nyiregyhaza.hu

web: https://helyitermek.nyiregyhazipaktum.hu/

Project coordinator: Bistyei Ibolya


1. Partner: Nagykapos és Vidéke Társulás

Statutory representative: Gabri Rudolf

Address: Čepeľ 64., Veľké Kapušany, 079 01, Slovakia

Phone: +421908989421

E-mail: gabri.rudolf@centrum.sk

Web: http://nvt-magyarhaz.eu/

Project coordinator: Denisa Lakatošová


2. Partner: Gorlice City

Statutory representative: RAFAŁ KUKLA

UL. RYNEK NO 2, GORLICE, 38-300, Poland

Phone: +48 18 35 51 211

E-mail: um@um.gorlice.pl

Web: https://www.gorlice.pl/

Project coordinator: Magdalena Bajorek – Wrona


Project description:

The main objective of the present project is to develop local enterprises, manage economic challenges by means of transferring the best practices. Our aim is to organize such an event-series, that provides solutions, how the local growers / manufacturers, enterprises match the enhanced market demands. Over these, our objective is the development of tourism, too.

The township Nagykapos has formed a very good cooperation with ETT as Leading Partner and with it’s founder, the Municipality of Nyíregyháza city with county rights. The project is a great opportunity to let the local growers / manufacturers to the international market.

The city of Gorlice has a great experience in the implementation of international projects in the scopes of culture, education, tourism and promotion of the region. The relationship between Nyíregyháza and Gorlice exists for more decades. At the ceremonial general assembly at 12. 05. 2022, the cities confirmed and strengthened their city partnership officially as well.

We all are at the opinion, that to buy local products is a lifestyle, to support local producers / manufacturers / growers is an obligation. If we buy locally manufactured products, it is an advantage for everybody: for the producer, for the buyer, for the country! We are many, who can do a lot for good matters. The nations, partners, that participate the project, have to cooperate in order to develop the ecenomy, to become ambassadors of such activities, that contribute to GDP. From the regional point of view, through these programs, the particpating producers, enterprises have opportunities to get involved to professional agendas, best-practice-events, where the objective is to expand, deepen and share the professional knowledge, thorugh the presentation of local best practices. It includes participation at „farmer-tours” / producer visits, meaning also exchange of experiences. The results and importance of the program, respectively, the opportunity itself may be presented at national professional exhbitions (Nyíregyháza City Day, Advent Fair, Tirpák Festival) where promotion is provided for the participants. Appearing at joint events strengthens the cross-border relationship.

It is important to remark, that the particpating project partners maintain an active relationship with the local touristic organizations, municipalities, thus, the international appearance and promotion is assured through these latters. The implementation of the project activities helps the development of cooperation between the local partners, producers of the three nations.


  1. Best Practice and Farm Tour (1 day) 2. In the country of the Project Partner in Poland (Event—Public), Gorlice, PL, 25/08/2023
  2. Made in V4 Festival in Hungary (2 days) (Organization of Best Practice + Farm Tour Gastro Festival) (Event—Public), Nyíregyháza, HU, 15-16.09.2023
  3. Best Practice and Farm Tour (1 day) 1. In the country of the Project Partner in Slovakia (Event—Public), Veľké Kapušany, SK.